Chris Dryer

Negotiating unlisted Cleon Peterson Sale

At the Beginning of December was happy to negotiate the purchase of an original Cleon Peterson painting that was not on market.  We knew a client not in Texas looking to acquire Cleon peterson  original art work and we were at a collectors home and noticed this piece the collector had owned for several…

Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith Location: Austin, Tx Art Forms:  Painting, Graphics Design, Mixed Media Spencer Smith Austin, Texas, by way of San Diego. Multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on graphic design. Inspired by hip-hop, graffiti, pop culture, cartoons, and vintage West Coast skateboarding & surfing. Fourth-generation USNAVY sailor with a profound love of the sea. Spencer’s mixed-media…

Basel Popup Event Miami

Produced Event Media Coverage Sponsor Acquisition Artist Development Art Networking Art Print Sales AREP produced this popup art event in collaboration with House of L 

Chris Bolhin

Hops For Hope